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About Our App

TrueVisitor is a cutting-edge security software solution for commercial offices and residential apartments. It is an easy-to-use mobile application which makes entering visitor information a breeze.

It's packed with lots of cool features, to ensure a great experience for your premises. Hosts of the facilities will be provided notifications whenever they have a new visitor. Visitors are verified at the entrance of the establishment.

We are revolutionizing visitor check-in into apartments and lobby's with TrueVisitor! It is a unique 3 in 1 solution which combines features of Video Door Phone, Intercom/CCTV, and traditional Visitor Register into one integrated software product.

TrueVisitor Features

SMS notifications

You can now receive SMS notifications regarding your visitors and guests. So that, you'll be aware of the person, who is coming for your visit. You will get SMS Notification every time when a visitor is coming to visit you.


We provide you the features of Intercom/CCTV and Video Doorphone in our app, so you don't need to use these devices separately. It will save your money, and the time needed for installing these devices. In addition, it will increase your home security.

Visitor Entry Log

Say goodbye to the old way of using manual registers, at security gates of apartment complexes! We provide you Digital Log, where information is stored accurately and safely. It's easy to register and track Visitors.

Mobile Number Verification

It is the most amazing feature provided by TrueVisitor. It verifies visitor's mobile number. OTP is sent automatically to visitor's mobile number, so that no one can make false entries.

Secure & Cloud Based

We provide you with cloud-based security, so your data won't be lost. App automatically syncs check-in/check-out details to the cloud. You can quickly search for previous visitor records.

Simple & Efficient

TrueVisitor app is designed in a way, which is very easy to learn and use for apartment, villa-complex security personnel. It's quick and hassle-free.


Planning an Event or an Exhibition? Give your Visitors a Royal Welcome with TrueVisitor!

Check-in is the first thing that your guests experience! Say goodbye to paper-based guest lists. The TrueVisitor Event App allows your organization to quickly and easily manage attendee check-in at your events.

Save time and prevent duplicate work by leveraging events and registrations already existing in your TrueVisitor system! Check in attendees using multiple devices at the same time!


Apartment Security & Event Check in App!

This is the problem, that we are trying to solve!

Introduction to Residential & Commercial Security Application!

Introduction to TrueVisitor Application!

Guest List App and Event Check In App!

Introduction to TrueVisitor Application for Events!

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TrueVisitor is an unique Software Product, that is built with cutting-edge technology. We store your data securely in cloud, and thus ensure the privacy and secrecy of your data.

Our team consists of folks who have worked for over a decade in software industry and worked for fortune 500 companies like Apple, eBay, Symantec, IBM in Silicon Valley, USA. We have helped several companies by translating their vision into a technology product/mobile app.